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Kristian Kolby

--- 2000 Le Mans

The car »

Type: Cadillac Northstar LMP
Drivers: Kristian Kolby, Christophe Tinseau, Marc Goosens
Race: 2000 24h Le Mans
Result: Retired


This car didn't do many laps at Le Mans. During the warm up saturday morning Kristian Kolby hit the pit wall after overdoing the final corner. The team succeeded in repairing the car and it was ready for the start saturday afternoon, but already after 4 laps the car caught fire and it was retired. Thus Kristian Kolby didn't get into the car during the race.

The model »

Manufacturer: Spark
Model ID: SCCN04

The kit »

Manufacturer: Provence Moulage
Model ID: K1575


The kit can be made as start number 3 or start number 4. Number 4 is the Kristian Kolby car. © 2007