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Thorkild Thyrring

--- 1987 Le Mans

--- 1988 Le Mans

--- 1993 Le Mans

--- 1994 Le Mans

--- 1995 Le Mans

--- 1998 BGTC

--- 1999 BGTC

--- 1999 SSC

--- 2005 Le Mans

--- 2006 Le Mans

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Type: Callaway Supernatural Corvette
Drivers: Thorkild Thyrring, Almo Copelli, Patrick Bourdais
Race: 1995 24h Le Mans
Result: Retired


The Callaway Corvette was among the fastest cars in the GT2 class and early in the race it looked really good for Thorkild Thyrring. When darkness fell over the track, he was leading the class. But it didn't last. It was raining heavily when the windscreen wipers stopped operating. Thorkild Thyrring headed for the pits but with very limited vision. When another driver spun ahead of him he went off track to avoid him and damaged the Corvette. He managed to reach the pit, but the car was damaged beyond repair.

The Model »

Manufacturer: RacingModels
Model ID: RMG007

The model is a handbuilt made for a british modelshop called Racing Models. The origin of the kit used for the model is unknown. The quality of the handbuilt is OK, but it is not BBR quality. However the price is fair (£52,50 at the end of 2007).

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Manufacturer: Provence Moulage
Model ID: K1016 © 2007