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Thorkild Thyrring

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Type: Lister Storm
Driver: Thorkild Thyrring
Race: 1999 Jyllandsringens Grand Prix
Result: Number 1


Thorkild Thyrring drove once in Denmark in a Lister Storm in 1999. It was at Jyllandsringens Grand Prix where he was entered in the Special Saloon Car race, which he won.

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Manufacturer: AA Modelbilklub
Model ID: AA 007

The model is made in a very limited series by Hi-Speed Models for AA Modelbilklub. This club origined from a model car shop in Copenhagen, where the owner was the man behind small series of cars driven by Danish racing drivers. These were sold exclusively to the members of the club. The models are very detailed and beautifully made. © 2007