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Tom Belsø

--- 1974 F1

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Type: ISO Williams FW
Driver: Tom Belsø
Race: 1974 Formula 1 (4 races)
Result: Not classified (0 points)


In 1974 Tom Belsø got the opportunity to drive in 5 F1 races for Frank Williams. But the Williams team was a far cry from the team that came to dominate the 80's and 90's and the opportunity soon turned into a struggle.

The budget at Williams was very tight and it soon seemed like Frank Williams had figured out that money could be saved if Toms car did not drive more that the absolute minimum required to fulfil his contract. Tom had great difficulties to get the right qualifying tires and as a result he did not qualify for the race twice. In the first race the clutch gave up before the car had even crossed the startline and only in the Swedish Grand Prix did Tom reach the finish line. He finished in 8th place - just outside the championship points that in those days were only awarded to the first 6 finishers.

The adventure ended early. When Tom at the 4th race once again did not get the right conditions during qualifying he simply left the team.

The Models »

Manufacturer: Spark
Model ID: S4040

The Spark model is very 'political correct' without the logos representing a very well known tobacco company. This means, it does not look quite right, but there is help to find, if you look under the box for the car. Here Spark has hidden a small plastic bag containing some of the 'forbidden' logos, which you can mount at the model yourself.

Manufacturer: Spark
Model ID: S4040

Even if you use the supplied tobacco logos, the model is not quite right. At Anderstorp Tom Belsø's car had an 'ISO' logo at the front and also two big white squares at the top of the sideboxes. Earlier in the year, the number of the car was located in these squares, but this was moved to the air intake. However, the white squares were still at the car. These is not replicated by Spark, so to make the model correct for Anderstorp, you have to do a little work yourself. © 2007