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Valdemar Eriksen

--- 2021 Spa 24H

--- 2022 Spa 24H

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Type: Audi R8 LMS GT3
Drivers: Valdemar Eriksen, Frank Bird, Ryuichiro Tomita
Race: 2021 24 Hours of Spa
Result: Number 24 general - Number 8 in Silver class


The 24 hour race at Spa in 2021 was - as usual, one is tempted to say - a tough task for the drivers. The sudden changes in weather, which are so characteristic of the area, again played a big role and made it difficult for the participants.

The race was Valdemar Eriksen's first 24-hour race and he was thrown into deep water immediately. The car crashed during qualifying and thus he didn't get much driving time in the car before it really got going. For the same reason, the team also had to start second to last on the grid and then it really only could get better.

So it did, and half way through the race the team was second in their class. But then the car lost the diffuser and it was impossible to get it fitted again, so in the last 12 hours the team fell back in the classification - but they still got through all 24 hours.

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Manufacturer: Spark
Model ID: SB449 © 2007