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Type: McLaren MP4-29
Driver: Kevin Magnussen
Race: 2014 Formula 1 (19 races)
Result: Number 11 (55 points)


Kevin Magnussen made his debut in Formula 1 in 2014 for McLaren. He made a huge impact in his first race finishing at the podium, which only a few drives have managed to do in their debut race.

However this would turn out to be the peak of the year. The McLaren showed itself as a difficult car to drive and as the year progressed it became harder and harder to get at good result.

Still Kevin Magnussen often finished in the points and he had a respectable debut season.

The Models »

Manufacturer: Minichamps
Model ID: 530 144320

This model shows the car from the Australian Grand Prix. Kevin Magnussen finished as 3rd, but was later upgraded to 2nd as Daniel Ricciardo was disqualified.

The model is 'politically correct' as it does not have logos from a well known alcohol company, which were present at the race.

Manufacturer: Spark
Model ID: S3073

This model is also the car from Australia, but Spark has a way to handle 'politically incorrect' logos.

They are not at the model - oh no, we can't do that - but if you take a look under the box you find a small sheet with decals. Then it is up to you to mount these, which has been done at the picture.

Can you find them? They are ridicolously small and you can hardly read the text, but look closely at the mirrors and the visor at the drivers helmet.

Manufacturer: Minichamps
Model ID: 530 144120

This model shows the car as it looked during pre-season testing where it sported a different livery. © 2007