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Type: Haas VF-19
Driver: Kevin Magnussen
Race: 2019 Formula 1 (21 races)
Result: Number 16 (20 points)


For 2019 Haas had the energy drink 'Rich Energy' as title sponsor. This sponsorship created a lot of press - but not due to the results in the races. First Rich Energy was taken to court for copying the logo used by an english bicycle manufacturer - Rich Energy lost the case and the logo was removed from the Haas cars. Shortly after the whole sponsorship went up into the air when the exentric owner of Rich Energy on the eve of the British Grand Prix proclaimed that the deal with Haas was terminated imediately due to bad results. The owner was removed from the company and attempts were made to reestablish the deal, but the Italian Grand Prix was the last race with the Haas cars in Rich Energy livery.

The Models »

Manufacturer: Minichamps
Model ID: 417 190020

This model shows the car as it looked while Rich Energy still were the title sponsor. A small detail is missing - The Rich Energy logo is not present at the front of the car. This is probably because the model is produced after it was decided that Rich Energy was not allowed to use the logo. At a few races after the summer break the car did actually race in the Rich Energy livery, but without the logo - just as this model.

Manufacturer: Minichamps
Model ID: 417 190620

The Monaco Grand Prix was the first Formula 1 race after the death of Niki Lauda. Many teams had a unique livery in memory of Lauda and the Haas of Kevin Magnussen had a red stripe at the top of the fin. This model lacks the Rich Enery logo at the front to be absolute correct, but it is probably because the model is produced after Rich Energy had lost the rights to use the logo. © 2007