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Type: McLaren MP4-30
Driver: Kevin Magnussen
Race: 2015 Formula 1 (1 race)
Result: Not classified


Kevin Magnussen did well in his first year in Formula 1 but still there was no room for him in the 2015 McLaren driver line-up.

The reason behind was named Fernando Alonso. He signed for McLaren and after many considerations it was decided that his team mate would be Jenson Button. Exit Kevin Magnussen who became the reserve driver.

However, he was soon back in the car. Alonso crashed heavily during pre-season test and he was not ready to drive when the Formula 1 season began.

This meant that Kevin Magnussen was back behind the wheel in the Australian Grand Prix - but this was to be the only time he raced the MP4-30 in 2015.

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Manufacturer: Minichamps
Model ID: 530 154320

In Australia 2015 Kevin Magnussen didn't even start the race. At the formation lap the engine gave up before he reached the grid and he was forced to retire. © 2007