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Michael Christensen

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Type: Porsche 911 RSR-19
Drivers: Michael Christensen, Kévin Estre, Neel Jani
Race: 2021 24h Le Mans
Result: Number 22 general - Number 3 in GTE pro


Michael Christensen drove for Porsche at Le Mans in 2021 and the team was tipped in advance to be a good bet for a win in GTE pro. But it went wrong already during qualifying on Thursday, when K&aecute;vin Estre drove off the track and damaged the car quite badly.

However, a great effort from the mechanics got the car back on its wheels again and on Friday evening the team could briefly test drive it on the airfield next to the track and say it was ready for the race. However, the bad luck continued when a spin on a rain-soaked track on the first lap put the team far back in the field.

A lack of top speed at the straights meant that it was difficult to fight back and a couple of safety car periods, which went against the team, meant that the leaders were all gone. However, they managed to take the last podium place, which - given the fact that the team did not have a roadworthy car just a day before the start - was not so bad.

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Manufacturer: Porsche (Spark)
Model ID: WAP0209020PLEM

The model is official Porsche merchandise, but is produced by Spark. © 2007