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Kurt Thiim

--- 1986 Porsche 944 Cup

--- 1988 DTM

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--- 1990 DTM

--- 1991 DTM

--- 1991 Le Mans

--- 1991 Macau

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--- 1995 DTM/ITC

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--- 2004 Nürburgring

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--- 2009 Porsche Sports Cup

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Type:Porsche 944 Cup
Driver:Kurt Thiim
Races:1986 Porsche 944 Cup


It has been very difficult for me to locate any information about this car. I have found a few old results mentioning Kurt Thiim driving a Porsche 944 Cup, but no pictures at all. However, Kurt Thiim himself has visited this site and he has confirmed that the model is correct and he has told me a little about the real car.

Kurt Thiim drove the car for 4 races at the end of 1986. It was in agreement with the sponsor, Toshiba, and the previous driver of the car, who had not been very succesfull. When Kurt was put behind the wheel the car suddenly appeared at the sharp end of the field and he took a string of 4th finishes in the car.

The pevious driver was a german named Willy Weber. He decided that his future was not behind the wheel of a racecar. In hindsight you have to say that was a wise decision. Instead he became manager of a young german who did rather well. His name is Michael Schumacher and as his manager Willy Weber has also done pretty well.

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