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Kurt Thiim

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Type:Mercedes-Benz C11
Driver:Kurt Thiim, Jonathan Palmer, Stanley Dickens
Race:1991 24h Le Mans


Kurt Thiim made his debut at Le Mans in 1991 and as a part of the Sauber Mercedes team he was driving a potential winner. For a long time his car was lying second, but 1991 was not to be a Mercedes-year and in the early morning hours Thiims car retired with engine troubles.

The model »

Model ID:S1253


If you take a close look at the model you will notice that the drivers national flags are mixed up. Kurt Thiim has the Swedish flag next to his name, while Stanley Dickens (who is Swedish) has the Union Jack. This should have been next to Jonathan Palmer who instead has the Danish flag. I have not been able to find any pictures of the real car where this detail is visible. Thus I do not know if the flags were mixed up at the real car - but I guess that it is Spark who has made a small blunder here.


The kit »

Manufacturer:Provence Moulage
Model ID:K 601


In this kit the drivers have the correct flag next to their names. But it does not stop here. The names are listed in a different manner compared to the Spark-model and the final difference is, that Jonathan Palmer does not use the Union Jack but the English flag. The kit supplies some small pictures of the real car and some of the names can just be seen. From what is visible I think, that Provence Moulage is right. © 2007