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Kurt Thiim

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Type:Opel Vectra
Driver:Kurt Thiim
Races:1997 STW
Result:Number 18


In the STW championship Kurt Thiim was reunited with the Zakspeed-team, for who he had driven very succesfully in the DTM. The partnership was to be a short one in STW, though. Already early in the year Zakspeed and Opel disagreed upon the amount of developement work Zakspeed could do at the Vectra and Zakspeed left the championship as a result.

Thus Kurt Thiim was without a car after only a few races. But the two cars engineered by Zakspeed continued in the championship, run by the two other Opel teams: Holzer and SMS, and Kurt Thiim continued driving. During the year he drove for both Holzer and SMS.

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Model ID:XT065


Model ID:Redecorated


This model shows Kurt Thiims car later in the year in a special livery promoting the new Opel Astra. At the plastic plint it says Zakspeed, but this is because the model is based upon the yellow Zakspeed-Opel, which has been repainted and redecorated. This car was engineered by the SMS team.


Model ID:Redecorated


This model shows the car Kurt Thiim drove for the Holzer-team. At the plastic plint it says Zakspeed, but this is because the box for the model is the box for the yellow Zakspeed-Opel.

I am a bit curious about the origin of this model. I bought it for next to nothing at eBay in a bundle of Onyx-touringcars. Alle the cars were apparently from a sell-out because the boxes all carried a red lable saying "Special price 15 EUR". What puzzles me is that Onyx - as far as I know - never has made exactly this version of Kurt Thiim's racer. Furthermore no decalset has been made to convert another car to this version - again as far as I know. It does not look like a conversion either. The grey markings, some of the logos and "Thiim" at the window is not decals. This is printed at the car and that is not something you just do at home. And why should a well made conversion end up among models for sale?

I have been chasing cars with danish drivers since the year 2000 and this is the only one of its kind I have seen in all those years. I would like to know more about it. Have you seen an identical model - or do you know anything about this version? Then tell me about it at the Get In Touch page. © 2007